Hello and Welcome! 


My name is Bob Betel, President of Allstar Home Mortgage, Inc.  Allstar Home Mortgage opened in 2001, providing our customers a better choice than a typical bank or mortgage broker. By having ethical standards, honesty, along with a lack of greed, I can offer some of the lowest rates in the country.


When consumers shop for a mortgage, they usually start by calling their local bank. What they find is that while the bank is honest and helpful, their interest rates are too high.  When calling a mortgage broker, they have lower rates, but you feel as though you are being sold something, and not getting the honesty you need. A recent survey showed that 85% of all loans done with a mortgage broker had some surprises come up at closing.


After 25 years of experience as a banker and working as a mortgage broker, I wanted to open a company that offered the best of both, meaning lower rates and the honesty you deserve. This is why I started Allstar Home Mortgage.


At Allstar Home Mortgage, you don’t talk to salesman, but a financial advisor.  I offer my customers options based on your needs, now and in the future. Our recommendations are always with your best interest in mind. People call this ethical, but I call it just old-fashioned honesty.  If you are looking for low interest rates, honesty, and someone that really cares about their customers, call me today at 847-441-5050 and let me see how I can help you.  Call me and experience the Allstar difference.


Bob Betel


Allstar Home Mortgage, Inc.